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Amazon HealthLake is a HIPAA-eligible service with incredible potential to store, query, and analyze payers and providers’ health data at scale. Is your data ready for HealthLake?

HealthLX works with healthcare companies on the AWS platform to map and transform legacy health data and store it as FHIR® (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) resources for Amazon HealthLake. We are the AWS Connector Partner you trust for:


  • Out-of-the-box capabilities to enable ingestion of FHIR bundles into Amazon’s HealthLake.

  • Modern application deployment capabilities for Amazon implementations. Smart scaling enables server demand to be timed when needed, optimizing the operations of the platform.

  • Built-in features to support FHIR data storage use cases and SMART on FHIR application development.


HealthLX accelerates deployment of FHIR enablement of legacy data assets for Amazon HealthLake.

About the HealthLX Core Interoperability Platform

The HealthLX™Core Interoperability Platform provides all the capabilities for building end-to-end data intensive healthcare application integrations. The platform includes a Data Flow Editor, Operations Monitoring and Workflow Orchestration across many-to-many data integration use cases, which makes HealthLX unique among the AWS Connector universe.

  • Pre-built components for legacy interoperability data format standards

  • Pre-built extensible data transformations between modern and legacy formats, including:

    • FHIR (DSTU2, STU3, R4)

    • HL7 V2 and HL7 V3

    • CDA/C-CDA Documents

    • X12 EDI Schemas

    • Multiple database connectors

    • Amazon HealthLake

We’ve Been Working With FHIR Since the Beginning
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As a founding member of HL7’s Da Vinci Project, HealthLX has helped shape HL7® FHIR® standards use cases, including writing the first reference implementation for the HL7® Gravity Project to accelerate social determinants of health (SDOH) data interoperability.


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