CCD & CDA Document Exchange

With HealthLX Document Exchange, your organization can drive better outcomes and decision making with automated access to EHR and HIE clinical information and continuity of care documents (C-CDA) within the member record. HealthLX can also generate CCD/CDA documents in real-time from multiple sources for distribution to EHRs, HIEs, provider portals, or other systems.

  • Extracts rich clinical data from EHR, content management, portals, and HIE system to store in a member’s record

  • Compiles pertinent data and packages it for distribution to EHRs, HIEs, and provider portals

  • CDA Viewer enables easy review and filtering of CDA documents

  • Improves collaboration, communication, and transparency for providers and care managers

CCD and CDA Document Exchange enables care teams to efficiently react to patient encounters, make informed care decisions, and deliver high-quality service.

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