Mobile App Simulator

The Mobile App Simulator is a free, open-source project built for and partially funded by the HL7 Da Vinci Project. The application is a reference implementation that demonstrates the CMS Interoperability Final Rule Patient API use case. It’s a web app that simulates a mobile phone and connects to any publicly accessible Patient API endpoint. It can be used by both technical and non-technical users to verify the operation of a Patient API, test the security, and verify the field level output.


The app consists of two parts; the mobile screen emulation on the left side, and the configuration and debug information on the right side.

The following functions are supported:

  • Demonstrates entire SMART on FHIR and OAUTH2.0 functionality

  • Executes read operations against a target server using everything or individual FHIR resource functions

  • Enables configuration of one or more FHIR servers and validation of their IPs connection details

  • Enables view of data sources separately or as combined resources

  • Displays returned output as both a mobile phone UI and as raw JSON

  • Allows filtering and sorting, multiple or single source FHIR data on mobile UI

  • Allows returned datasets to be searched, filtered, and copied

  • Connects against authenticated and non-authenticated server endpoints

Computer Monitor

View the details of any FHIR call

FHIR call.png

View the response body in the mobile simulator and also as JSON

Computer Monitor

Expand the window for easy viewing and debugging

Computer Monitor
Easy viewing.png

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