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At HealthLX, our mission has always been to radically improve healthcare interoperability by embracing innovative approaches to data integration. As an interoperability leader and founding member of Health Level Seven International's (HL7) Da Vinci Project, we’re making our FHIR Starter Pak (FSP) a free download to the entire healthcare marketplace to help payers get a jump-start on their path to compliance with the ONC Cures Act.

The FHIR Starter Pak is a fully contained FHIR server and FHIR data repository. Payers use it to convert data files in standard formats such as C-CDA and EDI into FHIR resources. In the process, they may discover gaps that require more customized mapping. Data enablement templates are included for organizing and managing data in preparation for repository ingestion. With the FSP, payers can easily get started using the HL7 FHIR standard for mandated clinical data sharing between providers, patients, and other payers.

There's no need to build or buy new solutions to meet new standards. With the FSP payers can quickly translate legacy-system data sets into FHIR resources and make them available via FHIR endpoints. As a free product, the Pak does not provide security, message history, automatic alerts, custom data ingestion or custom FHIR endpoints. Payers can access these features in HealthLX’s FHIR Enterprise (link), which enables payers to cross the finish line on compliance.  

The FHIR Starter Pak is just that - a start for payers who have not yet explored FHIR technology or transformed their data. For payers comfortable in applying their own security, provenance, and other monitoring using their own development efforts, the FSP is a useful resource to leverage in working on a permanent solution for compliance. 

set up your plan by first starting with data enablement

takeoff on your plan

achieve your plan

review your efforts

take note of what other essentials you need

The FHIR Starter Pak freely gives payers the ability to:


Download the data enablement templates to quickly get your FHIR repository & server running


Easily transform existing data (CCD/XML) from legacy/enhanced systems into FHIR resources


Pull data in standard format from the repository to FHIR endpoints


Follow These Simple Steps to Download the Free FHIR Starter PAK




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Beyond the Finish Line

Looking for additional guidance to maximize your efforts?  HealthLX delivers proven and reliable system integration capabilities that eliminate the complexity, risk and technical lift of integrating systems internally.


Consider our premium FHIR Enterprise solution which includes:


  • FHIR Server - HL7 FHIR compliant RESTful APIs that support the ONC Cures Act mandated transactions

  • FHIR Data Repository - A noSQL db schema where all of your FHIR data is stored as FHIR resources

  • Input Processors - Standardized input processors to handle conversion on non-FHIR data to FHIR formats, including CDA, and CSV

  • Workflow Editor​ - A workflow creation tool with built-in code generator that allows you to customize data sources, data enrichment, and decisions about how your FHIR data is sourced and processed from your back end systems

  • Monitor Console - A single web console that allows an eagle eye view of all of your transactions, system health, rejected transactions, and performance monitoring

  • Alerts/Notifications Module - A single web console that allows an eagle eye view of all of your transactions, system health, rejected transactions, and performance monitoring

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