The First-of-Its-Kind Consumer Healthcare Data Viewer App that also gives access to your CMS mandated patient API.

Health plans have made enormous steps forward toward healthcare data exchange, yet the end goal – members’ access to their electronic healthcare data – has yet to be realized. HealthLX solves the CMS mandated Patient API issue with Me and My Data. 


Me and My Data is a mobile- and web-enabled interface that gives individuals visibility into their healthcare data from multiple sources in a one easy-to-access place.

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  • Elevates your member experience. The interface can be white-labeled and customized with additional functions, such as find a doctor or view pending claims.

  • Integrates with your existing member portal or can function as your member portal.

  • Enables members to view their consolidated healthcare data with a single login via web portal or mobile app and share it with providers, family members and third parties. 

  • Allows members to add fitness, diet and other relevant data. 


Under the Hood

Me and My Data integrates a health plan-specific data repository that is entirely FHIR-resource based and secured to meet or exceed HIPAA guidelines. Me and My Data is a product of HealthLX, a pioneer in the healthcare interoperability space dedicated to transforming healthcare through consumer-level data exchange. 


HealthLX is an AWS Connector Partner for Amazon HealthLake and founding member of the HL7 Da Vinci Project for healthcare data standardization and simple access. Me and My Data hosting by Amazon HealthLake is available.

We’re Making Consumer-Centric Healthcare Data a Reality

Me and My Data can be integrated with your existing member portal or launched as your own portal.


Get in touch with HealthLX today to unlock the full value of your investment in healthcare data exchange.