Moving Healthcare Interoperability Forward

on a Large Scale

HealthLX collaborates with healthcare organizations who are committed to revolutionizing healthcare. Our purpose is to enable healthcare payers to comply with the CMS Interoperability and Patient Access Final Rule, which in the first phase requires most health plans in the U.S. to enable member record exchange by July 2021. With the help of system integrators, OEM and technology partners, we are moving steadfastly on this charge.

System Integrators 


We look for system integrator partners to:

  • Share HealthLX’s mission to radically improve healthcare interoperability

  • Keep abreast of future-state direction for healthcare industry and be agile to adapt to changing regulatory compliance 

  • Have alignment with the HealthLX’s core value to always deliver maximum value for clients

OEM Partners


We partner with:

  • Healthcare applications vendors on OEM programs (link to Clients Served/Software Vendors

  • Healthcare service organizations that could accelerate their business with our capabilities

Technology Partners


We partner with other companies in the healthcare space to move different aspects of interoperability forward.

Let’s talk about solving interoperability challenges together.

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