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The HealthLX Platform is a flexible data integration platform that drives business agility and advantage for organizations looking to achieve healthcare interoperability:

  • Proven and reliable system integration capabilities that eliminate the complexity, risk and technical lift of integrating systems internally

  • Compliance with modern established standards, FHIR, HL7, CDA, X12

  • Client-specific configuration that aligns with your workflows

  • Real-time data connectivity that integrates member clinical and administrative data to better support care management

  • Scale and extensibility allowing your integration architecture to grow with you

  • Workflow automation that increases the efficiency of care teams

We offer hosted, hybrid and traditional (on-premise) deployment options.


Our platform features all the tools for managing deployments, clustering, cloning servers, load balancing business workflows, and includes all the tools for investigating errors and warning messages. The platform handles multiple messaging formats and makes it easy to support multiple endpoints.

Add-on platform Integration Options:

Extend your healthcare interoperability solution to meet your organization’s needs with seamless integration of:

HealthLX Services


  • Accomplished in tandem with your HealthLX Platform implementation

  • Covers integration architecture, solution implementation, custom integration services, training, and mentoring

  • Tailored to meet your organization’s needs

  • Rapid and cost-effective

Proactive Support (Optional)

  • Provides proactive monitoring and tracking of transactions passing through your implementation end-to-end

  • Offers support options including management of data connections, and monitoring of data flow and errors, as well as overall environment management

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