HealthLX Named a Preferred Vendor by the Association for Community Affiliated Plans

HealthLX is an Interoperability Partner on ACAP’s List

GRAFTON, WI (July 23, 2020) – HealthLX announced today that it is a Preferred Vendor for the Association for Community Affiliated Plans (ACAP). As a leader in healthcare interoperability and one of the founding members of Health Level Seven International's (HL7) Da Vinci Project, HealthLX has developed the innovative technology ACAP members need to achieve compliance with the CMS Interoperability and Patient Access Final Rule. ACAP’s not-for-profit safety net health plans collectively serve more than 20 million members through Medicaid, Medicare, Marketplaces and other public health coverage programs. Under the Patient Access Final Rule, by July 1, 2021 most payers must enable member record exchange or risk financial penalties.

“HealthLX is uniquely positioned to help small- to mid-market health plans accelerate compliance with the Cures Act phased requirements,” said Will Tesch, CEO of HealthLX. “Our platform enables payers to deploy FHIR resources without building custom solutions or replacing legacy systems. Member record exchange capabilities must be in place within a year, and the next deadline for payer-to-payer exchange quickly follows on January 1, 2022. HealthLX can reduce the effort of compliance-related implementation for payers by as much as 75%.”

HealthLX has collaborated with a managed care organization within the ACAP association since early 2019 on its technology-enabled value-based care standards initiative. In addition to its FHIR Enterprise platform, HealthLX brings a highly qualified group of system integrator partners to the compliance solution, including Wendigo Advisors, Timmaron Group, TallulahBlue Health and others. These partnerships will help scale compliance by ACAP members in the short window before July 2021.

“The interoperability rule poses steep challenges for entities across the entire spectrum of health care, and Safety Net Health Plans are no exception,” said ACAP CEO Margaret A. Murray. “We’re delighted to welcome HealthLX as an ACAP Preferred Vendor and look forward to sharing their insight with our membership.”

ACAP represents 77 Safety Net Health Plans, which collectively provide health coverage to more than 20 million people. Safety Net Health Plans serve their members through Medicaid, Medicare, the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), the Marketplace and other publicly-sponsored health programs.

“We are thrilled about our partnership with ACAP because this is exactly what HealthLX was created to do,” said Tesch. “Our mission has always been to radically improve healthcare interoperability through innovative approaches to data integration, and we truly believe interoperability is essential for improving healthcare for all in the U.S. Now that CMS Patient Access Rule requirements and deadlines have been finalized, we’re seeing a significant increase in payers pursuing FHIR standards. These technology-enabled workflows are at the core of effective value-based care solutions.”

About HealthLX

HealthLX™ (Healthcare Language Exchange) gives payers and providers an interoperability engine designed specifically for healthcare data exchange, including the CMS Interoperability and Patient Access Final Rule. The HealthLX platform supports FHIR natively, and also supports an array of older healthcare data standards (HL7 v2, EDI, CDA). HealthLX simplifies the effort and cost of new solution integration by creating modern API endpoints on legacy systems, all while providing highly configurable security and enhanced levels of transaction monitoring. As a founding member of Health Level Seven International’s (HL7) Da Vinci Project, HealthLX has been working with and supporting the development of use cases and the FHIR standard itself, to comply with the Cures Act mandates. For more information, visit

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