HLX 3.0 Expands Functionality to Enhance Interoperability for Healthcare Payers and Software Vendors


GRAFTON, WI (June 25, 2019) – Healthcare interoperability leader HealthLX (HLX) today announced the release of version 3.0 of its core platform. HealthLX is a managed clinical data exchange solution that drives business agility and advantage for payers and software vendors looking to achieve healthcare interoperability. With an innovative core platform and seamless add-on solutions like Care Linx, Document Exchange and FHIR Starter, HealthLX takes organizations through the “last mile” of integration between payer and provider systems.

HealthLX 3.0’s innovations remove roadblocks to interoperability for its customers. Workflow Designer enables business users to design clinical workflows based on the high-level business processes they understand without needing knowledge of the underlying technology that will support the workflows. These visualizations can become the starting point for collaboration in cross-functional teams working to improve the patient and provider experience in support of value-based care objectives.

“We’ve seen time and again that the exchange of ideas between business and CX leaders and IT teams around workflow innovation is a challenge because of the high complexity of healthcare,” said Will Tesch, CEO of HealthLX. “Workflow Designer combines an advanced whiteboard with purpose-built workflow designs to help teams visualize their new workflows and prepare for their implementation in a way that supports interoperability.”

Another new feature, the Management Console, is a dashboard that provides greater transparency into the data moving through the overall system. This gives visibility to the system performance so that IT teams can maintain compliance for their organizations without building these capabilities themselves. With active remote monitoring enabled by the Console, IT teams can ensure data exchange is occurring with optimal efficiency and without errors to enhance data management.

“The Management Console extracts all of the system performance detail in real-time to a simple dashboard that enables IT teams to manage their application without needing expertise in the back-end technology,” said Charlie Provenzano, HealthLX Chief Operating Officer. “The Console also allows customers to set up alerts when pressure on the message queues exceeds certain thresholds, so they can actively manage the system to prevent issues.”

“Part of the HealthLX commitment to interoperability is continually enhancing our platform and services to help our customers overcome potential roadblocks and accelerate toward their goals,” added Tesch. “That last mile of interoperability is always the most difficult. We do whatever it takes to help them get there.”

About HealthLX

HealthLX™ (Healthcare Language Exchange) gives new healthcare software solutions instant access to comprehensive patient information and real-time analytics by linking legacy data, applications and processes with modern approaches to application integration. The HealthLX platform is built around a software integration engine that is specifically designed for the interoperability needs of the healthcare industry, bridging older legacy systems to newly acquired solutions. HealthLX simplifies the effort and cost of new solution integration by configuring application (HL7, X.12, HIPAA) connectors to meet unique client needs. Designed with enhanced levels of transaction monitoring and security, the integration platform ensures message integrity and delivery. HealthLX implementation services are provided through its parent company, TESCHGlobal, an experienced, healthcare-focused professional services firm specializing in enterprise integration and business intelligence. For more information, visit www.healthlx.com.

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