CMS Interoperability Rescue Plan for Payers

Deadlines for compliance with the CMS Interoperability & Patient Access final rule have come and gone, so what now? Many payers are struggling to leverage the Patient Access API across the enterprise.

Has your team evaluated your business operations to understand what clinical data they are maintaining? Have you evaluated which of the interoperability requirements apply to your specific organization? Do you have a clear plan that shows CMS how your organization will meet each requirement?

HealthLX’s rescue plan for payers can help you:

  • Comply with Patient Access API and Provider Directory API requirements

  • Prepare for the Payer to Payer upcoming deadline

  • Replace a band-aid fix with a long-term interoperability solution that will help your organization transition to more patient-centered, data-driven healthcare

Why HealthLX?

HealthLX is a nationally-recognized leader in healthcare interoperability. We have been working with FHIR since the beginning. Through our work with the HL7 Da Vinci Project, we continue to lead in developing nationally-standardized FHIR® healthcare interoperability workflows.

What Our Rescue Plan Delivers

HealthLX starts with a Requirements Phase. We’ll evaluate your business operations to understand your data and work with your teams to determine what needs to be made available in the Patient Access and Provider Director APIs. 

Following the initial Requirements Phase “deep dive,” you’ll be provided with a findings report that includes:

  • Recommendations for the data that is needed for compliance

  • Validation that your business process timeframes meet CMS rules

  • Suggestions on best practices based on your business needs

  • A proposed roadmap with a phased implementation to meet CMS timelines  

The HealthLX Rescue plan is a clear, viable action plan that shows CMS how your organization will meet each requirement of the CMS Interoperability & Patient Access final rule. Your team can take it from there, or we’ll partner with you to put your solution into place.

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The HealthLX FHIR Enterprise Suite

Our FHIR Enterprise suite enables payers to meet CMS Interoperability Final Rule requirements without replacing legacy systems, spending the time to build custom solutions, or incurring unnecessary costs.

Our premium solution: 

  • Enables organizations to develop their own FHIR Server and FHIR Data Repository by building interfaces with existing systems

  • Is deployable in a public cloud, a private cloud infrastructure or on-premise

  • Contains advanced security features that support all of the required interactions mandated by the new regulations, and can be further tuned for each individual implementation

Our Take On Interoperability

Increase your understanding of interoperability in today’s healthcare environment with these insights from HealthLX experts.

Get Your Rescue Underway

We can help level up interoperability compliance in your organization. Reach out to our specialized team today.

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