We Know The Challenge

Healthcare’s innovation potential is expanding, but so is its greatest challenge: interoperability. Other verticals are rapidly evolving around digital connections, but there is a major disconnect when it comes to using data effectively in healthcare. We recognize this challenge and we have the experience, skills and vision to embrace it.


HealthLX stands for ‘healthcare language exchange’. We created HealthLX to support critically important interoperability objectives across the healthcare ecosystem with a particular focus on enabling the Health Information Technology (HIT) software community. Interoperability can be simpler than it has been, but must also be comprehensive enough to address security, speed and reliability.

HealthLX makes integration a differentiator by leveraging the following elements:

    • A seamless integration platform that includes a comprehensive range of data adapters needed to connect your systems 

    • A solution framework that enables the creation of composite applications that preserve and extend previous software investments

    • A unified application framework that is built upon a globally recognized open source integration application suite

    • An architecture that provides software component assembly and enables rapid project completion

    • A services-driven outsourced solution approach that allows end customers to focus on their business first, not integration challenges

The 'integration outsourcing' approach to the market enables us to build solutions faster and more efficiently.  We allow patient data to be consumed by applications seamlessly, freeing up your own resources to improve healthcare.

We offer the following platform:

  • Software Platform → HealthLX Integration Platform (HIP)

  • API Connectors → HealthLX Community Connectors

  • Pre-built Clinical Connectors → OEM offered software adapters

  • Integration Applications → HealthLX CDA Viewer

  • Implementation Services → HealthLX Professional Services

  • Data Management Services → HealthLX DMS

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The U.S. healthcare system is at an inflection point. Driven by years of investments in EHR systems, healthcare organizations have large and growing repositories of data with limited means to share that information. Up to this point, all of this data was collected and created to be stored - instead of to be shared.

Healthcare continues to evolve with emerging clinical, administrative, patient and member engagement, and analytics solutions. Optimizing these solutions requires data that is stored in EHRs, HIEs and other locations, some residing with providers and others residing with payers. These systems only have evolved with separate, and in some cases proprietary, message formats. Most systems have only a limited native capacity for interoperability.

Beyond data access; data security, speed, and auditability are also vital to a healthcare environment that is interoperable.

HealthLX was created to bridge this gap. We provide all players in the healthcare marketplace the ability to bring greater integration depth and differentiation to their clients, ultimately benefiting the entire healthcare ecosystem.



We partner with healthcare application vendors that are focused on revolutionizing healthcare. Working with these partners, we are building out the needed connectors to address modern healthcare integration challenges.

We closely monitor the changing world of integration standards being established by our colleagues at these organizations:

  • and their FHIR initiatives

  • Office of National Coordination (ONC)

  • WEDI

  • Commercial innovators such as Redox

  • Existing interoperability standards such as ‘DirectConnect’ and ‘BlueButton’

  • Standards bodies such as Commonwell Health Alliance, The Sequoia Project and The Carequality initiatives

We believe we should build, support and maintain the best available solution in the marketplace by embracing the contributions of the technical communities.


Make Integration A Differentiator For Your Solution

Competitive advantage is harder and harder to create. In the following ways we can make integration excellence a differentiator for your solution in the marketplace:

·       Introduce integration early in the sales cycle

·       Offer a deeply integrated solution that is more valuable to your client and which makes your product crucial to the enterprise

·       Deliver integration leadership and solution excellence to your clients without you making the internal investments or expert hires

We offer two ways to partner together with healthcare solutions firms and integrators:

·       An OEM program that allows you to brand and resell the full HealthLX solution spectrum

·       An outsourcing program that allows you to sell a fully outsourced HealthLX solution

We’ve developed a partnering framework to collaborate with you to build an interoperability solution and partnering infrastructure. We look forward to learning more about your specific needs and capabilities and developing a solution model that is right for you and your clients.