Our Commitment to Interoperability

HealthLX stands for ‘healthcare language exchange’. We created HealthLX to support critically important interoperability objectives across the healthcare ecosystem with a particular focus on enabling the health information technology software community.

The last mile of interoperability is always the most challenging and most costly.

This is where we add immediate value, enabling capabilities and reducing costs.

Why choose HealthLX as your interoperability partner?

VISION: We’re focused on unravelling the complexity of healthcare interoperability. Our vision is to be best managed services solutions provider for healthcare interoperability in the United States.

EXPERTISE: Skilled solution-oriented expertise is necessary to solve many of the integration challenges in healthcare. We’ve marshalled experienced integration engineers as well as team members with technology experience across fields, including development, management, business intelligence and data governance. We understand not just the hows, but also the whys of healthcare interoperability.  

TIGHT ALIGNMENT: We closely monitor the changing world of integration standards being established by our colleagues at these organizations:

We believe we should build, support and maintain the best available solutions in the marketplace by leveraging the contributions of the technical communities. Our mission is to radically improve healthcare interoperability by embracing innovative approaches to data integration with modern integration frameworks, blockchain, and AI.

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