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Our healthcare expertise and focus on composable architecture with Purpose-built Components™ provide you with the most flexible interoperability solution in the market. 

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An enterprise-level architectural framework that enables organizations to rapidly build new, or extend existing, business capabilities, products and services. The framework is based on the ability to assemble and reassemble various digital assets and business elements for real-time adaptability and resilience in the face of uncertainty.




An enterprise-level composable automation platform enables rapid assembly and rearrangement of purpose-built components as you design, build, test, and deploy your vital workflows. The composable automation platform then provides operational oversight of dataflows in production, and the modular architecture provides scalability of computing resources as needed across all workflows in production. 

Will Tesch

Founder & CEO, HealthLX


Composable Thinking

Composable architecture encourages creating business capabilities and technologies in a modular fashion that can be shared and re-used across the enterprise.

Composable Business Architecture

Composable architectures enable the ongoing combination and rearrangement of business elements (such as capabilities, products, and services) in multiple ways, to continually obtain more value as the enterprise grows and adapts to changing goals and priorities.

Composable Technology

Composable architectures fully support the use of APIs, microservices, and other modern technologies in the creation and updating of vital workflows. 

Composable Automation

Composable Automation refers to the discipline of deploying Purpose-Built Components (PBCs) to ensure software components are implemented into workflows and applied across multiple environments in a maintainable fashion. It is crucial for these workflows to be effectively created, configured, deployed, managed, and monitored, so the deployments are supporting a continual evolution into new workflows based on changing business requirements. 

Composable Automation Overview

Dive in to learn more about composable automation and purpose-built components and how they drive interoperability.



ADT Flow Logic, Care Management App Integration, CDA import

Data Transformation

CDA to FHIR, other healthcare data sources to FHIR

Labs/Vaccinations Workflows

COVID testing, State Reporting, VAX EDW Integration


PAAPI, Provider Directory, Payer to Payer, SDOH (via Gravity RI)

EHR Interoperability

EPIC, Cerner

EDI Transactions

X.12, Logistics, Healthcare 83x, 27x transactions

General & Analytics

File Management, Web Services Utilities, Snowflake, Healthlake

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At the Forefront of National FHIR Interoperability Projects

As healthcare innovation expands, so does its greatest challenge: interoperability.

While all industries are evolving to improve digital connections and the management of shared data, that challenge is especially difficult in the healthcare landscape. HealthLX recognized those difficulties, embraced them, and developed a next-generation solution to uniquely empower our clients.  

Through its vision and expertise, the HealthLX team brings a different approach to interoperability. With HLX Core, we deliver a high-performance composable automation platform, and enterprise-level clinical data exchange between payers, providers, and health information exchanges. We help eliminate data management and integration challenges stemming from disparate systems and enable the real-time workflow automation necessary to deliver more effective value-based care solutions.

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