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The HealthLX platform strategy anticipates changing industry and data needs so our clients get the right data at the right time so they can focus on providing care.

Purpose-Built Components™: Configurable low-code that’s reusable across various use cases

A Purpose-Built Component™ (PBC) is a coding approach that abstracts the complexity of writing low-level code that is reusable across use cases and relies upon configuration during workflow design.

How they are used?

In the design of a workflow, PBCs are used together to describe the intended workflow for the business for whatever purpose is desired. PBCs are always connected to other PBCs in the definition of a workflow, each being a configurable component in the chain of PBCs used for a particular purpose.

Why are PBCs important?

Workflow designs traditionally are difficult to understand and codify. Using PBCs, business workflows become accelerated in their design, and testing and move to production reducing the time to deliver solutions for customers.

Types of PBCs

Product PBCs

A robust inventory of Product PBCs developed and supported by HealthLX. Requirements are defined by business analysts either at the implementer or direct by the customer.

Implementation PBCs

Rapid prototyping of workflow capabilities as necessitated by the client’s needs, often occurring at the point of implementation by software engineers. 

Custom-Developed PBCs

HealthLX supports custom-developed PBCs. Custom-developed PBCs can be built by our customers for unique integrations.  All custom-developed PBCs require certification by our product team. Training is available to teach teams how to develop PBCs.

Community-Developed PBCs

Developed, certified, and published to a community-based library.

Key Platform Features

FHIR Server

HL7 FHIR-compliant RESTful APIs that support CMS Interoperability Final Rule mandated transactions​

Monitor Console

A  view of all of the transactions, system health, rejected transactions, performance, and more

Alerts & Notifications Module

Get alerts in real-time for system or data events that require investigation or resolution


FHIR Data Repository

A NoSQL database where all of your FHIR data is stored as FHIR resources​

Workflow Editor

A workflow creation and customization tool with a built-in code generator 

Input Processors

Processors handle the conversion of non-FHIR data to FHIR formats, including CDA, and CSV​

SMART on FHIR Connected Apps

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