CMS Interoperability Rules

We deliver a solution that meets each requirement of the CMS Interoperability & Patient Access final rule and sets your organization up with the foundation to accommodate future (inevitable) rule changes.

The fastest way to comply with CMS Interoperability & Patient Access Rules

HealthLX provides a fully managed solution to satisfy all new mandates for the CMS Patient Access final rule (CMS-911-F). We’re ready to help organizations satisfy the newly proposed rule CMS-0057-P, for interoperability and prior authorization. Read the comments we submitted during the open comment period. 

Core Data Sharing Requirements

1 Claims & Encounters – Including encounters with capitated or delegated providers.

2 Clinical/USCDI – US Core Data Interoperability.

3 Cost Data – Provider payment amounts and enrollee cost-sharing amounts.

4 Formulary/Preferred Drug List – Implementation Guide to help members select a coverage type during enrollment for the medications they are currently on is HL7 FHIR Da Vinci – PDex US Drug Formulary IG: Version STU 1.0.1.

5 Provider Directory -The Implementation Guide is HL7 FHIR Da Vinci PDex Plan Net IG: Version STU 1.0.0.

CMS Patient Access Rule

Payers must make patient health care claims and clinical information available to members through a standards-based API for Medicare Advantage, Medicaid and CHIP FFS, Medicaid and CHIP managed care, and QHPs on the FFES. 


CMS Provider Directory API

Payers must make provider directories available through a standards-based API that is accessible on a public-facing digital endpoint on the payer’s website.


HL7 FHIR Da Vinci PDex Plan Net IG

CMS Payer to Payer API

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