HealthLX Selected as AWS Connector Partner for Amazon HealthLake



GRAFTON, WI (July 15, 2021) – HealthLX announced today it has been selected by Amazon Web Services (AWS) as an AWS Connector Partner for Amazon HealthLake. HealthLX is an emerging healthcare platform company focused on solving clinical data interoperability for payers and providers. Amazon HealthLake is a HIPAA-eligible service that enables healthcare providers, health insurance companies, and pharmaceutical companies to store, transform, query, and analyze health data at scale. As an AWS Connector Partner, HealthLX will work with healthcare companies to securely transform their healthcare data into FHIR® resources (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources), enabling customers to easily use Amazon HealthLake storage and analytics capabilities.

“HealthLX has been helping companies manage their legacy data for years and transform it into FHIR resources almost from the time the standard was developed,” said Charlie Provenzano, HealthLX Chief Operating Officer. “We see Amazon HealthLake as a natural progression for people and companies who want to get the maximum utility from the data they have worked so hard to create and maintain. We’re providing payers and providers with a means to leverage HealthLake for a wide variety of analytical needs to support personalized health.”

The HealthLX Core Interoperability Platform provides all the capabilities for building end-to-end data-intensive healthcare application integrations. It has pre-built components for legacy interoperability data format standards as well as pre-built extensible data transformations between both modern and legacy formats, including FHIR. The platform is containerized, easily deployed, and highly scalable. What makes HealthLX unique in the AWS Connector Partner universe is its composable architecture which allows workflow orchestration for existing and future use cases without having to write new code.

“Amazon HealthLake creates potential to reduce the time and cost barriers healthcare companies face in building AI-enabled analytic models to manage their business and deliver better patient experiences and health outcomes in a value-based environment,” said Will Tesch, HealthLX founder and Chief Executive Officer. “Amazon HealthLake can support healthcare and life sciences organizations in areas such as population stratification and data-centric precision medicine, to help significantly improve and reduce the cost of care.”

“At HealthLX we have long believed in the value of the FHIR standard for advancing healthcare interoperability in the U.S,” Tesch added. “This is an exciting new opportunity for our team to bring data to light with FHIR and for customers wishing to be leaders in their healthcare markets to benefit from the scale and resiliency of AWS.”


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