To understand the perspectives of organizations on the front lines, AWS Marketplace commissioned Xtelligent Healthcare Media to survey payors and providers in the United States. The goal? Gain insights that explain the current state of interoperability technology adoption and trends for its growth.

The latest technology available to provider and payor organizations has facilitated a new type of patient experience based on virtual encounters and self-service. This has revealed new opportunities for interacting with the healthcare system and allowed for a flexible, personalized healthcare experience. Challenges have emerged to maintain health IT infrastructure capable of supporting this virtual environment while securely enabling interoperability and information sharing. Now, organizations are seeking innovative solutions to have better control over their digital ecosystems to provide patients and members with high-quality experiences.

Join subject-matter experts from Xtelligent Healthcare Media, Smile CDR, HealthLX, Redox, InterSystems, and AWS as they review findings and provide context about the forces driving healthcare toward digital transformation.

Key Takeaways

* Understand the forces driving payors and providers to prioritize interoperability

* Learn how new forms of software, services, and data procurement can ease adoption


* Identify data and technology-driven ways to improve the patient experience


* Learn about employee engagement


* Gather insights on the latest solutions from AdaptX, Huron, and Hyland in AWS Marketplace

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