Smile Digital Health and HealthLX Announce Partnership and Provide Two Innovative FHIR Solutions

Smile and HealthLX collaborate to expedite FHIR-based CMS compliance and enterprise interoperability solutions.


TORONTO, CANADA — May 30, 2023 – Smile Digital Health (Smile), a leading Fast
Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR®) health data fabric and exchange solutions
provider, today announced a partnership with HealthLX™ to bring FHIR solutions to payers and
providers looking to solve CMS compliance mandates and long-term enterprise interoperability

Pairing Smile Digital Health’s HL7® FHIR standard-based Health Data Fabric (HDF) platform
with the Composable Automation™ platform and advanced ingestion engine from HealthLX has
opened the opportunity for two solutions that make meeting payers and providers where they are
in the FHIR journey a reality, for the new partners.

Both solutions provide the foundational infrastructure that allows organizations to mature into a
FHIR-focused enterprise environment at a pace that meets business needs while leveraging past
and future technology investments.

The first, called CMS Mandate Acceleration, offers cost-effective compliance with CMS
interoperability final and proposed rules, including CMS-9115-F, CMS-0057-P and CMS-9123-
P. It is ideal for payers and providers starting their compliance efforts or those looking to replace
legacy solutions or unsuccessful implementations.

The second, FHIR First™ Enterprise, offers the foundation for a FHIR-based strategy to address
operational needs such as care management, administration, claims and an endless number of
other use cases that benefit from repeatable design patterns and complex data orchestration.

“HealthLX has an exceptional platform that will accelerate and simplify the creation of value for
our shared clients. Our combined offering, matching Smile’s health data fabric and HealthLX
workflow automation, is uniquely flexible. Our clients will benefit significantly from the
combined offering, getting services to market quickly and sustainably,” said Duncan
Weatherston, Chief Executive Officer, Smile Digital Health.

“Our product focus is on the automation needs of interoperability for healthcare stakeholders and
is recognized for the composable approach that our solution delivers,” said Will Tesch, Chief
Executive Officer, HealthLX. “Best-of-breed solutions are optimal to address the wide array of
interoperability challenges in the healthcare marketplace. With our strategic alignment with
Smile Digital Health, we believe combined offerings meet a market need desperate for
compliance now, but built for organizations recognizing the need to adapt to a FHIR-First

To learn more about these new solutions provided by Smile and HealthLX, email and

About HealthLX
HealthLX™ (Healthcare Language Exchange) solves interoperability and data exchange
challenges by providing repeatable data transformations at scale. Our Composable Automation™
platform gives payers and providers the flexibility to support FHIR translation with other data
standards (HL7 V2, EDI, CCDA) to automate workflows whether to comply with federal
regulations or create operational efficiencies through application integration. We are a founding
member of Health Level Seven International’s (HL7) Da Vinci Project and built several
reference implementations for these CMS compliance use cases. For more information, visit

About Smile Digital Health
Smile Digital Health is a health information technology company focused on delivering better
global health through open standards. Our enterprise-grade, open framework data fabric and
integration platform fuels healthcare's digital transformation and accelerates value creation
across all patient journeys at scale. Powered by our HL7® FHIR® standard-based clinical data
repository (#SmileInside), our platform enables collaboration and allows organizations to ingest,
transform, store, enrich, analyze, aggregate and meaningfully share the health information to
power digital transformation. We prepare healthcare providers, payers, researchers and life
sciences organizations for a connected future beyond legacy systems, adding new value through
the intelligent use of information, and ultimately delivering better patient outcomes. For more
information, visit

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