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HealthLX collaborates with healthcare applications vendors who are committed to revolutionizing healthcare. Working together, we are building out modern connectors to solve healthcare interoperability challenges.

We partner with

  • Healthcare applications vendors on OEM programs

  • Healthcare service organizations that could accelerate their business with our capabilities

We provide all players in the healthcare marketplace with the ability to bring greater integration depth and differentiation to their clients, ultimately benefiting the entire healthcare ecosystem.

Casenet & HealthLX: Raising the Bar on Member Care

HealthLX partners with Casenet, a leading provider of extensible care management to deliver TruCare Linx™, a solution that supports the integration of TruCare with HIEs, EHRs and other existing clinical systems. TruCare is a leading platform for utilization, case and disease management.

With real-time or near-real time access to data from other clinical and administrative systems via TruCare Linx, TruCare provides care teams with a complete view of each member, enabling truly integrated care management.

  • improved care coordination

  • improved member engagement

  • improved outcomes

  • reduced time to intervention

  • reduced cost

“We are pleased to be partnering with HealthLX. By enabling real-time or near-real time access to data from other clinical and administrative systems via TruCare Linx, TruCare will provide care teams with a complete view of its members, enabling truly integrated care management.”
— Peter Masanotti, Casenet CEO

1upHealth & HealthLX: Helping Payers Share EHR Data with Patients

EHR connectivity leader 1upHealth and HealthLX are collaborating on a first-of-its-kind platform that will enable healthcare payers to meet stringent new HHS requirements for patient access to electronic health information. Adding payer-sourced data to 1upHealth’s FHIR API-based platform is a key strategy that will help make payer data available to the entire spectrum of 1upHealth’s subscribers and users. The new platform will advance the vision HealthLX shares with 1upHealth for creating freely-accessible personal patient records.

“We believe that patients have a fundamental right to their data. We are enthusiastic about the proposed HHS interoperability rules and hope to help payers and health plans take advantage of the new-found interoperability through our collaboration with HealthLX.”
— Ricky Sahu, CEO of 1upHealth

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